(NEWSER) – Thunderstorms, hail, dangerous winds, tornadoes, flooding: All of the above are threatening parts of the US today, with 37 million people in the southeastern part of the country at risk, CNN reports. What we're looking at:


  • Jacksonville, Charlotte, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, and Atlanta are some of the cities at risk of severe thunderstorms that could also bring hail, destructive winds, and tornadoes. (Tornadoes have alreadywreaked havoc throughout the South this week, killing at least 35 people on Sunday and Monday, and some recovery efforts are still ongoing.)
  • The states most at risk of a tornado today are South Carolina and central Virginia, reports NBC News.
  • Flash flooding is also a concern in parts of the South and the East Coast. Florida's Escambia County has already declared a state of emergency after rain started stranding motorists—one of whom called for help and is now missing. Drivers are also stranded in the Fayetteville area, NPR reports.

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