Each year, avid NFL fans organize their stats, draft their fantasy players, and set aside their Sundays to watch their favorite teams battle it out for a spot in the annual Super Bowl. This year, the two teams vying for the coveted Lombardi Trophy are the Denver Broncos (15-3) and the Seattle Seahawks (15-3). Putting it lightly, Super Bowl XLVIII is sure to be exciting, as the top offense in the league (the Broncos) will be facing off against the top defense (the Seahawks). Where will you be watching the legendary action happen?

While not all superfans will be able to see their teams in action at the MetLife Stadium, we’ve rounded up the best bars in top U.S. cities for Bronco and Seahawk fans to watch the epic battle. Kickoff is at 6:30pm on Sunday, February 2.


So, you’re a Seahawks fan in Denver surrounded by thousands of loyal Broncos? We are pretty sure 99% of the bars in Denver will be overflowing with Broncos fans. But, Chinook Bar & Grill is going to be any Seattle native’s home away from home come Sunday. One Yelp reviewer, who stumbled upon the bar in Southeast Denver while looking for a place to watch the Seahawks said the back room was “full of devoted Seahawks fans so enthusiastic” where “everyone was friendly” and Jell-O shots came out for every touchdown. No one likes to be the odd man out, so join your fellow blue bloods at Chinooks.

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles has the largest Seahawks MeetUp group in the nation, and members have called The Backstage Bar and Grill in Culver City home since the group formed in 2007. With 847 die-hard members, Backstage should be every Seahawk fan’s place to be on Super Bowl Sunday. Reviewers on Yelp are huge fans of the hot wings—many think they might be the best in L.A.—and garlic fries.

The same goes for the Broncos—their L.A. MeetUp group is the second largest in the country for fans. The mass of Denver supporters descend on Brennan’s Pub in Venice to watch Broncos games, and they want you to join them! It’s a relaxed and friendly neighborhood establishment with a great outdoor space and some rather unique attractions like “turtle races.”

New York City:

Keats on 45th Street and 2nd Avenue has proven that die hard Broncos fans and karaoke enthusiasts might actually be a great match—the Broncos fan club meets here for every game. The great drink prices and friendly service are sure to keep you hanging around long after the game is finished. But, if you’re looking for a different type of atmosphere, Mustang Sally’s in Chelsea has played host to Broncos fans week after week making it one of the most popular destinations for its New York City fan base. This establishment boasts lots of televisions, which have views from the many booths available for dining, and a great assortment of craft beers.

Carlow East is undoubtedly the official New York City bar of the Seahawks and has been the go-to destination for serious ‘Hawk fans for years. One Goggle reviewer, a Seattle transplant and avid Seahawks fan, said, “the place is packed wall-to-wall with Seahawks fans that get very rowdy (in a good way). And free “Hawkakaze” shots after a touchdown.” If you’re a Seattle fan, this is the place to be on Sunday.


If you’re looking for a Broncos bar in a city full of Seahawks, El Borracho Del Norte seems to be one of the only places that serves a crowd of Broncos fans game in and game out. The Mexican eatery has had to transform into standing room only for playoff games, meaning the Super Bowl crowd will be as wild as ever. Make sure to try their popular vegan friend ice cream.

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