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(Yahoo!) - J. Cole and Drake have stirred up some controversy with their new single "Jodeci Freestyle." Despite the fact that they say the N-word at least two dozen times and repeatedly call women "b*****s and hoes," it's another derogatory statement that has caused anti-bullying and autism communities to stand up and take notice.

The tune, released last month, features Cole rapping, "I'm artistic, you n****s is autistic, retarded." As a result, Anti-Bullying Alliance representative Anna Kennedy started a petitionasking the rappers to issue an apology to individuals with autism and to officially change the lyrics of the song.

"It's time we recognized people with autism for the exceptional human beings that they are and make a stand. Give Us a Break!" Kennedy wrote on the petition. The "Give Us a Break" campaign was launched earlier this year to raise awareness about the bullying of children with autism in schools and colleges. The J. Cole-Drake petition has already received more than 2,600 signatures, putting the organization a little more than halfway toward reaching its goal of 5,000 supporters.


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