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Gucci Mane will spend the next two years behind bars.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the embattled emcee was sentenced to 39 months in prison on Wednesday after pleading guilty to federal gun possession charges in May. 

Gucci Mane - born Radric Davis - has been locked up for the past eleven months, meaning he still has 28-months until his release.  Gucci will also face restrictions once he's freed.  The terms of his probation stipulates that he won't be allowed to leave the Atlanta area for more than seven days each month.  

Gucci Mane seems to be determined to get on the right track while in prison.  He's asked the Bureau of Prisons to accept him into a drug treatment program.  He also wants to be transfered to a facility on the West Coast so he's far away from his negative influences in the Atlanta area. 

Photo: Getty Images