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Kris Kross rapper Chris Smith is looking back on the death of his rap partner, the late Chris Kelly. 

In an interview with, Smith says that when he first learned of Kelly's death last year, he just "froze."  He doesn't remember much after he first heard the news, but he says he locked himself away and "didn't want to be around anybody." 

Even though the loss was devastating to him, he's moving forward with his music career with a new solo venture.  Smith says he knows Kelly would want him to continue making music because it had been their "passion" since they were eleven years old.  Nevertheless, Smith admits that without Kelly by his side, things "will never be the same."  

Chris Smith also says he won't be sticking strictly to hip-hop for his next album.  He describes the music as a combination of rock and rap, which he's dubbed "hip-rock."  Apart from the vocal work, Smith says he's also showing off his guitar skills on the album. 

Photo: Getty Images