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Rapper Young Jeezy is paying tribute to Trayvon Martin.  Following the acquittal of George Zimmerman Saturday, Jeezy addressed the subject in the song "It's a Cold World."  

Apart from Trayvon Martin, Young Jeezy also mourns the death of his friends who have passed.  Along with the track, Jeezy released a statement posted on saying that he was not "trying to capitalize off of the latest series of events."  He adds that he is simply expressing his "true feelings."  

Listen below (*Warning - Explicit Language):

A number of celebrities have taken to Twitter to voice their reactions to the George Zimmerman verdict.  Rapper Nicki Minaj wrote that tax payers had paid to "see a murderer walk free." 

Meantime, Lupe Fiasco says that people should begin organizing to "fight total structural violence."  He also writes that progress won't come from "emotional reactions to a perceived injustice."