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(Yahoo!) - Watch your step Kanye West; Zappos won't take your comments sitting down.

After the "Bound 2" singer threw shade at Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh for selling "s--t products" in a podcast on Monday, the online retailer slung some mud right back at the rapper and created a "s--t" product page on in honor of his comments.

Hseih joked in a statement, "Yes, it's true that we sell s--t product," and also tweeted out the following message.

The product page is hocking a toilet set with a plunger for hefty price of $100,000, which the company insists is "perfect for all ages." Thankfully, like all of Zappos' products, it ships free.

A rep for the company released a statement to omg! plugging the new product launch and joked, "With the holidays right around the corner, the timing is perfect to shop at to find the perfect "s—t" for everyone on your list!"

To date, the product already has 37 reviews with several commenters giving it five stars overall for comfort and style.

"The s--t product is amazing. It totally beats out any new music video you're Bound 2 see!!" writes one commenter, clearly playing on the words of West's saucy new video with his topless fiancée, Kim Kardashian.

Another reviewer wrote, "Yo Zappos. Imma let you finish … but this is the best s--t product of all time!"

Uh oh, Kanye. It looks like the gauntlet has officially been thrown, and unfortunately it looks like you're the butt of this joke.

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