Young punks aren't supposed to get tripped up by technology . . . that's supposed to happen to OLD people, man.  So this guy should be extra ashamed of himself.



21-year-old Grant Nanson of Sunderland, England broke into a business in the middle of the night back on April 14th, and needed some light . . . so he tried to switch on the flashlight app on his iPhone.



But somehow he accidentally activated the VIDEO CAMERA instead.  So he was getting the light he needed . . . but it was from the camera FLASH, not the flashlight.  So he accidentally filmed his entire burglary.



He stole two cars, a motorcycle, and some other stuff during the burglary . . . which the police almost immediately linked to him.



Then when they were searching his home, they found his iPhone . . . and found the video of the burglary on it.



He was just sentenced to two months in jail.