T.I. Mum's the Word

T.I. isn't usually one to bite his tounge, but when it comes to his fight with Floyd Mayweather, he has nothing to say.

Recently he was asked to comment on the fight, Tip replied, "Whatever happened, whatever might have happened, [Mayweather] may be used to talking after his fights... Where I'm from, we don't talk after ours."

T.I. did lighten up when the photographer asked him when's the next time he's "hitting up a Fat Burger," replying with a laugh, "Whenever I have reason to."


FAITH EVANS: Slams Blogger

Be careful what you say about Christopher Wallace Junior, unless you want Faith Evans on your case. Blogger Sandra Rose learned that the hard way after she posted a picture of Wallace from his high school graduation that insinuated that her son might be gay.

Rose didn't caption the picture, which showed Wallace grasping a fellow male graduate from behind, "King of the World" style, but Evans still didn't appreciate the perceived diss to her son. She wrote to Rose on Twitter, "Eat a hundred [penises]." Rose quickly responded, "You first."

Evans eventually took down her tweet, but Rose continued to defend herself against critics, tweeting "All I did was comment on a photo she posted. It's called freedom of speech. Google the Constitution of the U.S."


OPRAH: $2 Billion Was Too High

Oprah Winfrey's not afraid to write big checks, but $2 billion was too much for even her to pay for the Los Angles Clippers.


Oprah says that she and her partner David Geffen were serious about buying the team, but had to back out when former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer surpassed the $1.6 billion limit they'd agreed on.