We know Azaelia Banks isn't shy of Twitter beef, but she might have gone to far this time. She apparently has a problem with T.I.'s "No Mediocre," in which he brags about only smashing "bad chicks."

She tweeted, "U want no mediocre but have you seen your wife? #sthash."

So far T.I. hasn't responded, but Tiny did appear to respond to Banks herself. She wrote on Instagram, "I mean, damn, bitch. Can't you ever just worry about yourself?"


AALIYAH: Zendaya Coleman Gets the Role

Congrats to Disney star Zendaya Coleman, who's been slated to star as Aaliyah in a bio-pic about the late singer.

According to Necole Bitchie, Coleman, who also appeared on Dancing With the Stars, beat out several other actresses for the plum role -- including BET's Keisha Change, who's been lobbying for the job for several weeks. 

Necole Bitchie says an official announcement will be made this week and that filming on the flick should begin this summer. 


CHRIS BROWN: Sells Graffiti House

If you hear cheering today, it might not be from San Antonio Spurs or World Cup soccer fans. Instead, it might be coming from the Hollywood Hills. That's because, as TMZ reports, Chris Brown has finally sold his so-called "Graffiti House," which had been driving his uptight neighbors crazy.


Brown is staying busy on the real estate market, but his investments aren't really paying off. Reports that he sold a West Hollywood condo for $1.6 million note that he paid the same amount for it back in 2011.