Beyonce is getting more than just four minutes on HBO every Sunday night -- she and Jay Z have signed on for a feature-length concert special.

The cameras will be rolling when Jay and Bey take the On the Run tour Paris on September 12th and 13th, the cable network announced today (Friday). Though it will be their first joint special, they've both had full-length programs on HBO in the past. Beyonce's Life Is but a Dream documentary and Hova's Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film both aired last year.

No word on an air date for the On the Run special


KANYE WEST: Dissed by Actor in Interview

Give Kanye a break!

Last week, after Yeezy compared the paparazzi's harassment of him and his family to rape, Stacey Dash suggested that he go to Rikers Island so he could "know what rape is," And now Revenge star Nick Wechsler is throwing in his two cents. 

Wechsler tells Bleu magazine, “If the choice is between Kanye and anyone else, I’m picking the other guy. Just his personality… It’s hard not to want bad things for him.”

Despite all the distractions, Kanye is working on his next album.


YOUNG JOC: Wife Files for Divorce

Young Joc has had a pretty humorous recurring role on this season of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, which features the "It's Going Down" rapper in a high-profile romantic relationship with Karlie Redd -- but it just got serious.

TMZ reports that Joc is married, and his wife has had it watching her husband and his sidepiece help bring in top ratings for the VH1 reality show.

Alexandria Robinson -- Joc's wife of 13 years --  has cited adultery as her reason for filing divorce. The high-school sweethearts have been separated since February 2012 and have three kids together. According to court documents, Robinson says she makes only about $2000 a month and is asking for spousal and child support through Joc's royalties and publishing rights.