MISSY ELLIOTT: Heading Back to Center Stage

After working behind the scenes for other artists the past eight years, Missy Elliott is finally ready to return with a new album.

Producer Timbaland says, "It’s coming.” He told Rolling Stone, "She got the first single, it’s just a matter of when she wants to do it. We got the hollow-tip bullet in the gun. It's something you ain't never heard Missy do. It sounds today, but the future."

Even though Missy and Tim have worked together since the '90s, writing and producing her records as well as hits for Aaliyah and Ginuwine, Tim admits that he's never actually seen Missy do her thing in the booth. "I’ve never watched her record, never in my whole career,” Timbaland said. “She be like, 'OK, I got it,' and I leave the room. She kicks us out. That’s how she do it: She does everything herself."

Missy's last new album release was The Cookbook in 2005.



MIKE TYSON: Jamie Foxx to Play the Boxer in Bio-Pic   

Jamie Foxx has been cast to play Mike Tyson in a bio-pic, according to Variety.

Jamie has been impersonating Mike for years. During an appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael back in May, Jamie expressed his interest in the project. He said, "I got a chance to hang out with Mike when Mike was at his height and I watched [him] go from his height to where he is now, and I talked to him about doing his story. I had my makeup artist dress me up as Mike Tyson… People were literally coming up asking for autographs. So hopefully, Mike, if you’re listening, let’s make history."



RAY J: I Shouldn't Have Done That

Is Ray J having second thoughts about some of his more infamous exploits?

It sure sounds that way judging from his new song "Never Shoulda Did That." In the track, Ray J seemingly admits that his sex tape with Kim Kardashian was a mistake, singing, "[Doing] bitches on camera, shouldn't a did that [ish]."

Some of the other missteps Ray J cops to including taking drugs, fighting in clubs, calling into The Breakfast Club during his beef with Fabolous and cheating on his girlfriendPrincess Love. According to TMZ, the track features an actual voicemail from her in which, through sobs, she begs Ray J to take her back. 

So why does Ray J make so many mistakes? He sings, "Can't even explain why I do that [ish]. I'm [effed] up un the head."

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