ROBIN THICKE: Trying to "Get Her Back"

Robin Thicke is going all out in his efforts to win back Paula Patton. The video for his new single "Get Her Back Today" shows the singer exchanging text messages with a women who looks like his estranged wife. As Thicke croons "All I want to do is make it right," a series of texts appear on the screen, including "You drink too much," "You embarrassed me" and "I can't make love to you anymore."

At another point, a text reading "I wrote a whole album about you" pops up, quickly followed by "I don't care."

The video, which shows Thicke shirtless and bloodied appearing to drown, ends with the exchange, "I have to go," followed by "This is the beginning."

"Get Her Back" will be featured on Thicke's upcoming album, which is titled simply Paula