Your bad conversation habits could be turning people off, and you might not even know it.  So if people are tuning you out or cutting you off all the time, watch out for these six things.



1.  Gossiping.  We all do it.  But it's become so common, you might not realize how bad it makes you look.  Until it's gossip about YOU . . . then you HATE the person who started it.  Remember that.



2.  Being judgmental.  When you judge other people behind their backs, the first thing the person you're talking to wonders is . . . whether you're judging THEM when they're not around. 



3.  Complaining.  Talking to people who see the bad side of everything gets really tiresome really fast.  Think about it . . . if everything you say makes people think negative thoughts, they're not going to want to hear you talk anymore.



4.  Making excuses.  It's the opposite of taking responsibility.  And when you don't take responsibility, you're dead weight to everyone around you.



5.  Exaggerating.  Deliberate exaggeration is the same as lying . . . but more obvious.



6.  Being dogmatic.  Most people get really annoyed when you state an opinion as if it were a fact.  It makes you sound like a know-it-all . . . but it also makes you sound dumb, because you're getting facts and opinions confused.