It’s summer. If you’re young, uneducated, unambitious – or all of the above – you are at the bottom of the food chain and could get stuck with a terrible summer job.

Here’s a rundown of some of the worst summer jobs out there:

·         Grill Cook – It’s hot outside. It’s scorching standing directly in front of that griddle. Sure, you can sneak free food. But you'll go home every night smelling like sweat and smoky grease. Nice.        

·         Road Crew Worker – There is no hotter place on the planet than a long stretch of asphalt under the summer sun. You’ll be fighting heat stroke ... while worrying if some jerk is going to mow you down with his car at 80 miles per hour.     

·         Door-to-Door Salesman – Knocking on every door in town and annoying people will crush your soul.     


·         Medical Testing – This sounds like the easy way out, but you’ll think differently when you lose all your hair and fingernails.