In a recent survey, 56% of Americans admitted to ending relationships digitally. The most popular option was text message (25%), then social media (20%), and 11% admitted too breaking things off via email. For something that's generally looked down upon, a lot of people are certainly doing it!

This begs the question: Is it ever OK to break up with someone digitally? Apparently there are some instances when saying adios over text is the best way to go. Here's when you get a digital pass: 

·         You've only been on a couple dates: A text message is OK in this instance. You barely know the person.   

·         The relationship was toxic: If the relationship was much more bad than good, you can get away with doing it digitally since an in-person meeting or phone call will probably just devolve into a screaming match or some other major drama.   

·         Your partner is avoiding you: If he's avoiding you and not returning calls, then you have a right to resort to a text message.  

·         You caught them cheating: If your partner didn't respect you enough not to cheat, then you can break up any way you please!  

·         It's a digital relationship: This is commonplace nowadays – people have intense relationships without ever meeting. If your primary source of communication was digital, it is acceptable to end things digitally. 


The Question IS... Have you ever ended a relationship or had someone break up with you over text, social media or email?