DWYANE WADE: Baby Mom Shades Gabrielle?

Is Dwyane Wade's new baby momma Aja Metoyer shading Gabrielle Union? It sure looks that way, judging from several Instagram posts that showed up on an account that allegedly belongs to her.

  • Metoyer starts by taking a shot at Wade's recent engagement to Union, writing, "Recycled ring, guess he is going green."
  • She then mocks Union's recent comments on Twitter about the situation, writing, "Keep it cute, don’t let me get to TALKING."
  • And she ends the shade with, "She the real-life Mary Jane. Ha!"

According to TMZ, Metoyer has two daughters with Damon Wayans Junior

50 CENT: Still
Faces Court
Over Sex Tape

A judge has denied 50 Cent’s motion to dismiss an expensive lawsuit being filed by Rick Ross's baby momma.

Lastonia Leviston, who has a child by Ross, is taking 50 to court for posting (back in 2010) a sex video that prominently features her naked body, but blurs her lover’s face.

Leviston believes 50 Cent is responsible for uploading the raunchy home video, despite never asking for permission, as part of his campaign to discredit Ross. It’s a wildly popular clip, with nearly four million clicks and several pirated copies floating around.

ALICIA KEYS: Bounced From Blackberry

Alicia Keys' run as creative director of Blackberry has come to an end after a year on the job.

According to Toronto's Globe and Mail, the move comes after Blackberry decided to turn its focus away from the consumer market and focus on corporate and government contracts. Keys wasn't the only one to get the boot, as several other senior execs were also let go -- no doubt because Blackberry recently announced that it suffered a $4.4 billion loss last quarter. 

Alicia's relationship with company was troubled from the start, after fans noticed that she had sent out a Tweet from an iPhone. She claimed that her account had been hacked.