TIMBALAND: Recruited as Songwriter-Producer on Fox's "Empire"

Timbaland has gone Hollywood.

The Grammy Award-winning producer has been recruited by Fox to serve as a songwriter and producer for their new hip-hop drama, Empire, starring Hustle & Flow alumsTerrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

The series evolves around a hip-hop empire and the family that runs it, and will feature original and current music.


BOBBY BROWN: Who's Married?

You can't blame him for being in denial. When asked by TMZ how he felt about daughter Bobbi Kristina marrying Nick Gordon, Bobby Brown replied, "No, she didn't get married."

When reminded by the paparazzi that Bobbi Kristina and Nick had flashed their rings and announced their marriage on Instagram earlier this year, Bobby simply replied, "If she says she is. I don't know about it."


FOOTBALL: NFL Considering 42-Yard PAT

NFL kickers have gotten too accurate when it comes to extra point attempts, so the league is thinking of ways to make them more challenging. 

In January, some officials around the league began expressing a desire to get rid of the extra point altogether because it has near 100-percent success rate and just wastes time. Others wanted to come up with ways to make them more challenging, and now we appear to have the first reasonable proposition to come out of NFL meetings.


The league's competition committee is looking into pushing the extra point attempt back to the 25-yard line, which would make it a 42-yard attempt – clearly not a tap-in by any means. It would add a whole new level of strategy to the game, not to mention even more stress for the kicker.