Couple's therapy:

If you're like me as a man, you probably are some what cocky about always being the one who is control of the relationship with his woman. That really is my history. I most definitely led every relationship I've ever had with every woman I had experienced since the start of high school. Don't get me wrong, I was a good man to all my ladies, but I used it to make em go goofy over me, and that made me very confident, cocky, and ultimately a real heart breaker. However, it was also quite immature. At the time, I just didn't see it that way. All I knew was this, If I wanted her, I was going to get her, and after I was done with her, I was ready to move on, I would break up with her, and it would be the most hurtful thing to her. Hate to admit it, but that s*** made me cocky as hell. I knew in my mind, I controlled this relationship, and I prided myself on being the break up king, and no girl or woman could ever say she broke up with me. Sad, but true. Until that one damn time, when the woman I was with, and had been with for the longest of all relationships, finally got my a** in so deep, then canceled me like a burnt up credit card. WTF!!!!! was my reaction for a looooonnnnng time. That was in the 90's.

Well fellas, this ain't the 90's. Women have become more and more independent and this has a huge effect on how women respond to relationships today. Be cocky about all the dumb and immature s*** all you want, but please believe, your woman is always thinking. One of the things she is constantly thinking of, is are you worth keeping.Some of y'all are a little too cocky, because you said yeah, way too quick. Here is an article I came across that you might want to take a look at. 10 reasons she is considering dumping you today: