in blankstare news: Dumb Love

in blankstare news: Dumb Love

A burglary suspect in San Mateo, California, was busted because he decided to flirt with the bartender of a restaurant he was burglarizing. 

Employees at the restaurant were closing up shop when they noticed someone trying to sneak electronics out the back door. The man fled, but not before bartender Ashleigh Cullen got a good look at him. She actually recognized him because he had flirted with her earlier that evening and gave her his name and phone number to set up a date.

Ashleigh called police and gave them his name and number. A female officer impersonated Ashleigh and gave him a call to arrange a time and place to meet up. It worked. Keveen Quintanilla showed up for his romantic rendezvous and was promptly arrested and charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. (UPI)





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