in blankstare news: Happy Meal Goes to Pot

in blankstare news: Happy Meal Goes to Pot

An Iowa woman is pondering a lawsuit aginst McDonald's after she was served a burger  with sauce that was a little too special – because it was laced with marijuana.

Brittany Songer, who's in the early stages of pregnancy, says that her boyfriend, Cory Long, purchased a pair of McDoubles at their local Mickey D's – but she quickly found out that it was a different kind of Happy Meal.

She says, "I took a bite of my burger and got mad at Cory. It tasted bad, and I thought maybe it was because he had cologne on his hands when he bit it. Then I opened the burger and the cheese was just covered with weed. Once I opened those burgers, you couldn't smell McDonald's anymore. You could only smell the drugs that were on it."

Songer may sue if tests for illegal drugs come back positive. (Ottumwa Post)




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