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KANYE WEST: Bombshell Forbes Interview

Kanye West recently sat down for an interview with Forbes and boy is it a doozy.

Some of the highlights

Kanye claims that he had the coronavirus back in February of this year. 

He is an anti-vaxxer who calls vaccines “the mark of the beast.” His fears range from negative outcomes like paralysis to “they want to put chips inside of us…I think Ye already has a chip inside of him!

Yeezy says he’s serious about running for President, and he’s already picked a running mate in Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball and a campaign slogan — “YES!” He plans to run independently as an independent under the “Birthday Party” ticket. “Because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.”

He’s officially “taking the red hat off.” While he says he no longer supports Trump, he made a point to call the POTUS “special.” 

Even though he has missed deadlines to get on the ballot, Kanye apparently thinks his celebrity and extenuating circumstances…

Yeezy already has an out if things don't go his way. He says if he doesn't win this year, it's because God wanted him to win in 2024.

T.I.: Speaks Out About Gun Violence in Atlanta

T.I. has spoken out about the gun violence in Atlanta that killed five children over the holiday weekend.

He shared a screenshot of a CNN article to Instagram with a promise to do everything in his power to try to help. He wrote, “We owe these babies so much more of a better life filled with peace, love, & opportunity. I'm LIVID. I promise you ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in my power WILL BE DONE!!!!!"

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