Dumb Dummy Of The Week - "Just Needed A Ride"

Listen people, stealing a vehicle is not smart at all... And stealing a city or goverment vehicle is even DUMBER!... but thats why we are here today folks!

Jeffrey McCants of Mobile AL decided to steal a marked Prichard Fire & Rescue vehicle that was parked at the central station, actually it was parked inside... There's video that shows this...

Now when I first read this story I was thinking maybe he was on the run... NO! He just wondered into the station & pulled off in the vehicle...

And apperently it wasnt hard to find McCants....

Mobile police arrested him the very next day, Because he was seen driving the stolen marked Prichard Fire & Rescue vehicle around town.

And when asked why he stole the vehilce? He said "God told him to," McCants also stated that he's running for mayor of Mobile, Alabama and when I get out, he'll steal a police car.

McCants is being charged with first-degree theft and first-degree burglary


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