#TrendingTopics - Maya's On The Quarter! - Snoop DOGG'S - "Bel-Air" Trailer

Maya Angelou To Be First Black Woman On U.S. Quarter

Maya Angelou is the first Black woman to ever appear on a U.S. quarter. The U.S. Mint announced yesterday that the new quarter is already in circulation. 

It's a part of the American Women Quarters Program, which will include coins that feature prominent women in U.S. history…

So I know Rosa will get one… Anyway, other quarters in the series will roll out later this year, and the program will continue putting coins into circulation through 2025. 

Snoop Dogg Coming to a Grill Near You

Snoop Dogg is cooking up something new.

He’s looking to sell signature sausages and hot dogs under the brand Snoop Doggs. The intent-to-use application means that Snoop is looking to launch a brand in the near future. 

Hey why not, he already gin, cannabis and cookbooks.

I’m pretty sure he’ll have smoked sausage… See what I did there?

Get Ready For The New “Bel-Air”

And finally, I don’t know how some of ya’ll feel about this new “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” that’s coming to Peacock next month, but I just saw the trailer and I am impressed…

Just to give you a heads up, it’s not the same “campy comedy sitcom” from the 90’s… For starters, Will moves to Bel-Air because he caught a gun charge, Uncle Phil isn’t fat, Geoffrey looks to have some gangsta in him and Carlton doesn’t seem to be corny… But that’s what I got from watching the trailer that just dropped…

Anyway Bel-Air will premiere three episodes on February 13, with one to follow weekly on Peacock… You can also check out the trailer

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