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CHRISETTE MICHELLE: Playing Inauguration

Chrisette Michelle isn’t afraid to stand by Donald Trump’s side and help usher in the 45th President of the United States at Friday’s Inauguration.

The New York Daily News reports that sources close to Friday’s festivities say Chrisette plans to perform. She reportedly signed on about a week ago, but her camp worked to keep the news secret, fearing backlash. 

The initial offer was reportedly for Michele to perform “Intentional” with singers Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds and Tye Tribbett. But that plan fell apart when two members of the trio declined. Meanwhile, Michelle agreed to sing for the President as long as she's allowed to perform an all-R&B set -- as opposed to the initial plans for a gospel performance.

Other names confirmed to play the Inauguration include Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down and Motown singer Sam Moore of Sam and Dave

SOULJA BOY: “Throwing” the Fight

Soulja Boy’s been waiting to throw hands for weeks now -- and he’s growing impatient.

The “Crank That” rapper has been preparing for his celebrity boxing match with Chris Brown. But after it started feel like promoters are dragging their feet, Soulja let them know he's happy to take matters into his own hands.

In a now deleted Twitter rant, Soulja wrote, “These [guys] are taking too long. [Screw] this…you need tickets, hit me, I’m running the show.” Apparently prepared to handle all the logistics, Soulja promised, “I’m renting the venue. I’m setting the date. I’m selling the tickets. This will be a Soulja Boy promotion.” He also told his 5.1 million followers, “Y’all know what I’m throwing the fight.” 

RAE SREMMURD: TV Weathermen for a Day

They’re some of the hottest rappers out, but recently, Rae Sremmurd became TV weathermen for a day.

Slim Jimmi and Swae Lee took a break from performing all over the world to give the forecast on a French TV channel. In the clip, they point to the green screen while telling viewers, “The weather is so sunny [and] it’s a beautiful day -- go outside.” And though neither of the brothers speaks French, they still peppered in phrases like “Sacre bleu!” before the usual meteorologist helped translate. 

Of course, Rae Sremmurd didn’t fly halfway around the world just to read the weather -- they also performed “Swang” and their chart-topping “Black Beatles.”

WAKA FLOCKA FLAME: Puts Trump on His Rump

While plenty of stars are talking trash about the President-Elect, Waka Flocka decided it was better to show than tell.

Flocka noticed a fan in a Donald Trump jersey at his concert at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia. He then encouraged the guy to throw the jersey on stage, for a closer look.

Once Waka got his hands on the jersey, he showed the ultimate sign of disrespect -- by turning it into toilet paper. Flocka dropped trou in front of the crowd of hundreds, using the cloth bearing the President Elect’s name to wipe his butt. And while the jersey’s owner probably wasn’t too happy, the rest of the crowd erupted with cheers and applause. 



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