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LL COOL J: Makes Hip-Hop History

LL Cool J is making hip-hop history. by becoming the first rapper to receive the The Kennedy Center Honor Uncle L reacted to the news with a touching note to fans on Instagram

The 2017 honorees will be saluted at the Kennedy Center Opera House in early December. 

PRODIGY: Real Cause of Death Revealed

The Clark County Medical Examiner in Nevada has reportedly determined Prodigy didn’t die from sickle cell anemia, but in fact, the coroner ruled he died from an accidental choking.

Prodigy was in a Vegas hospital when he reportedly choked on an egg. 

Kordell Stewart Wants Colin Kaepernick To Be A “Low Key” Activist

On a recent episode of his NFL No Huddle podcast, Kordell Stewart feel DEEP into the sunken place when he offered up this tap-dancin’ hot take via Yahoo! Sports:

“Right now he’s not giving himself a chance,” “I don’t think it’s the owners; I think it’s more or less Colin Kaepernick in my mind. Stay off of social media, and when it comes to the political side of everything, you can express yourself, you can do it quietly. I mean people are looking for former athletes and athletes out there doing some things that can be headline news. Do it from a charitable standpoint. Stay low-key about it. You don’t have to be so [loud], especially in this world of politics in the game of football.

But then says:

“You see what’s taking place with him right now. He’s not even getting a chance to play and he’s better than 90 percent plus of the backups playing in the National Football League, let alone some starters that are playing right now.”

So Kordell does in fact realize that Kaep still has the ability to play at a high level. He also acknowledges that Colin’s political stance is hindering his opportunity to stay in the league. But rather than acknowledge the blackballing, Kordell suggests that Kaep should lick massuh’s boots for a job.

I bet Kordell WOULD like Colin Kaepernick to be “low key”, like he is…

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