Kerry Washington Says Goodbye To 'Scandal' & Thanks Gladiators Everywhere

Olivia Pope has officially handled everything. Shonda Rhimes' "Scandal" aired its final episode on Thursday (April 19) night. To say that it was a very emotional time for all of the Gladiators, who loved watching the hit show for the past seven seasons, would be an understatement. 

When "Scandal" first hit TV, it quickly drew diehard supporters because of the intense, yet exciting plots and its incredibly dynamic cast. From the protagonist Kerry Washington, to Tony Goldwyn who played President Fitz, Joe Morton who played Rowan Pope, Bellamy Young who played Mellie Grant and more; "Scandal" made you cancel all plans on Thursday night and tune in.

Not only are the fans going to miss the show, but so will the cast. Friday (April 20), the morning after the series finale, Washington posted a message to her fans about the show's end. “This picture was taken when we completed filming our very final scene in the Oval Office set,” the actress captioned a picture of her laying down onset. “So many of @scandalabc’s most iconic scenes happened in that Oval. It has been, in many ways, the center of our #Scandal universe. Other sets were already being dismantled and we knew this one would be next. So, before saying good-bye, I stretched out on that gorgeous rug and tried to just take it all in.”

She continued: “Tomorrow morning I will wake up and begin to try to process the magical dream of the past seven seasons. I imagine it will take some time to really understand what just transpired in my life. But, this much, I know… I am filled with endless gratitude for our #Scandal Family. Our glorious cast & crew and our community of #Gladiators. TOGETHER, we have changed history. Transformed television. And illuminated each other’s lives.”


Thank YOU for the great TV, Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes! We'll never forget the experience. We'll never see television quite the same, ever again. 

Photo: Getty Images


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