Ryan Reynolds Nearly Crushed By Falling Barricade In Scary Video

Ask any actor or musician where the most rabid fans are and 9 times out of 10 they will tell you Brazil. That is pretty clear in some videos coming out of the Comic Con Experience, which is being held in Sao Paolo. Among the celebrities in attendance was Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who took part in a panel for his upcoming flick, Free Guy.

Being a man of the people, Ryan wanted to get closer to the crowd that had gathered, so he jumped off the stage and approached them. However, because they were so excited, the fans all surged forward, causing the barricade holding them back to fall - right onto Ryan. Thankfully, the action star has quick reflexes and jumped back on the stage, avoiding a crushing blow. The scene was caught from all different angles.

In the clips, you can see the 43-year-old come back off the stage after the barricade falls to check on everyone and make sure they were okay. He told Entertainment Tonight, "All I was worried about were the people that were... what you could tell is that they were falling, like, 'Oh, they're going to be fine,' and it's like, 'Oh, but that leg is going to go,' so I jumped out. But it was, yeah, everyone was fine."

It's especially important that Ryan not get hurt during his South American trip because he made a deal with his wife, Blake Lively. He explained, "My only job that Blake said as I was leaving was, 'Just come home in one piece.' So that was my only job."

Photo: Instagram

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