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Cardi B SLAMS Trolls Then Explains Why She Claps Back Against Haters

Cardi B doesn’t have time for people who call her "fatphobic." It all started when a social media user DMed Cardi and told her to “stick to the movies.” Bardi clapped back with “Stick to your diet.”

After people told her she was being fatphobic, Cardi responded, “So she can continuously leave hate comments on my page and on DM but as soon as I tell her to stick to her diet which she claims she was on, I’m fatphobic? What the hell is a fatphobic? Lucky I ain’t said worse."

Khia Bad Mouths Bobby Lytes

Khia really went there during a rant against Bobby Lytes and his cousin Trina. Khia made a number of homophobic comments, including, “We the people sentence you to do a DNAids test…

See your access has been denied down that Old Town Road because you’ve been desperately chasing Lil Nas X and he don’t want you. So you won’t be riding no horses but you can ride your sissy cauliflower colored ass down to the free clinic to get some penicillin shots, bitch.” Khia claims that Lil Nas curved Bobby Lytes at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month.

Young Dro Gets Jail Time Over Food Fight

Young Dro is headed behind bars.

The rapper and reality star has been sentenced to jail in Georgia over the incident where he smashed banana pudding into his girlfriend’s face. Dro pleaded guilty to one count of battery and family violence. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, but has been ordered to serve just 70 days.

And since he’s already put in 20 days, that means he’s got even less time left on the sentence. A Fulton County Court official says Dro will get double credit for the time serviced due to good behavior. That means, as long as he stays out of trouble, Dro could be home as soon as October 5th.

He has to keep his nose clean when he gets out, though. He’ll remain on probation for the remainder of the 12 months, with regular drug and alcohol testing, and mandatory domestic violence counseling as part of the terms

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