How Many Miles Does An NBA Player Run In a Game?

There are a lot of strange stats in sports . . . and here's one you may not have heard: The NBA keeps track of how far each player runs in a game.

If you go to the NBA's official stats page, you can find "speed and distance" numbers, which show the distance in miles traveled . . . broken down into offense and defense . . . and the average speed a player moves.

At the moment, Toronto's Fred VanVleethas the most LITERAL mileage this season, averaging 2.84 miles per game. Portland's CJ McCollumis second at 2.82, followed by New Orleans' Jrue Holiday at 2.76.

For example, an NBA basketball court is 94 feet long. VanVleet's total distance traveled is 15,018 feet . . . so, he runs the equivalent of the full length of the court nearly 160 times every game.

Of course, NBA players do more extended sprinting than NFL or Major League Baseball players . . . but soccer players rack up a TON of mileage.

One report says the average soccer player runs seven miles per game, but it depends on position. Some could run as much as 9.5 miles. Not including goalies, of course. 

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