#TrendingTopics - Meth & Mary Together Again - Moneybagg Shows Another Side


Method Man and Mary J. Blige are reuniting, but this time they won’t be in the studio or on stage, they’ll be on set.

The former musical collaborators will co-star in Power Book II, the Power spinoff coming to Starz later this year. Meth will play an attorney named Davis Maclean. 50 Cent acknowledged the casting on Instagram, where he wrote “I got Meth getting busy in POWER Book 2, it’s lit.”

Power Book II is set to premiere just 48 hours after the Power finale.

MONEYBAGG YO: Lights, Camera, Action!

Moneybagg Yo is getting into the movie business.

The Memphis rapper hopes to prove that he’s a double threat with a new flick called Heartless. He says the movie features “four situations about how fast your life can change in one day.” He mentioned premiering the movie in a theater, which suggests it might be intended for streaming or video on demand release after that. He says the movie will drop “At the top of the year.”

Moneybagg says he wanted to act so that fans could “see another side of me” and to let people see that he can “do other stuff besides make good music.”

DaBABY: Legal Threat From Miami Promoter

DaBaby still has beef with a concert promoter. Or we should say, the concert promoter still has beef with him.

You remember Kenneth Carey, the guy who says he suffered facial injuries and was robbed by DaBaby after allegedly shorting the rapper by $10,000 of the $30,000 upfront fee expected. And we can’t forget about the apple juice Kenneth was allegedly doused in. Carey has threatened to sue DaBaby over the incident, but the man’s lawyers willing to work things out. They’ve contacted the rapper “in hopes of settling this matter expeditiously,” giving him until the end of next week to respond or face legal action.

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