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GUCCI MANE: Laughs Off Clone Conspiracy Theory

If you're a Gucci fan, then you know for years, folks have been spreading a theory that the he was cloned after he came home from prison. The truth is Gucci made the change through hard work -- regular exercise and clean living. But some thought the transformation was too dramatic to believe.

Guwop posted a picture to Instagram, showing 2006 Gucci alongside the glowed up, modern-day version. In the caption, he wrote, “Haters gone say you was cloned” with a laughing and facepalm emoji.

BIRDMAN: Explains Drake’s “Unlimited Budget”

Birdman recently spoke on Drake’s alleged “unlimited budget” from Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge.

The record exec was asked about Drake’s line on “Stay Schemin’” where he says, “Tell Luican I said [eff] it, I’m tearin’ holes in my budget.” Grainge confirmed that it’s true, “If ever Drake or whenever Drake calls up and says he needs something for his project, I give it to him.”

Birdman makes the blank check budget sound like it’s just a part of business. He broke it down for the hosts of Complex’s Everyday Struggle. “I got an open book… I was given an open book with Doug [Morris] and Mel at a young age in the business. When Lucian came he gave me a bigger book. So with me having an open book, I gave Wayne an open book. He opened his book for Drake and Nicki, and now they’re doin' the same thing. I gave Young Thug an open book so he opened his book for other people. What I mean by open book [is] you can spend any amount of money you want.”

Casanova Words of Wisdom

Casanova shared some words of wisdom for artists that don’t want to get caught up like Pop Smoke did. He posted on Instagram, “Man to all upcoming rappers, [eff] what the label says, roll with your [people] everywhere you go… if it ain’t no room for them, it ain’t no room for you. Period.”

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