Would You Rather Watch New Movies at Home? Or At The Theater?

As COVID-19 restrictions are being eased in parts of the country, some people are glad to get back in the streets... But there's still plenty of us that are having anxiety over health and safety in public.

One place most people are not ready for are the theaters.

When asked if we'd rather see a new movie in a theater, or as a digital rental at home...

Only 13% said they'd go to the theater now... 70% said they'd rather watch from their couch.

Coming out of the pandemic, 52% said they'll attend fewer large public events . . . and 60% said that the idea of attending a big public event "will scare them for a long time."

It may take a while for some people to feel comfortable.

(For what it's worth, the respondents were a sample of all people, NOT movie-goers, so it's possible that some of that 10% are people who weren't going to theaters even before COVID-19.)

As for face-masks, it seems like people are more comfortable WITH them than without.

61% say mandatory face coverings at live events would increase their likelihood of attending.

But ultimately, sports and entertainment venues might not have that much control over putting attendees at ease.

90% say the most important factor is . . . a cure for COVID-19.