#TrendingTopics - Is Beyonce Black? - Wayne Teases Carter VI - Ye In 2020?

BEYONCE: Undercover Italian?

A right-wing congressional candidate just floated the craziest conspiracy theory yet -- claiming that Beyonce isn't really Black, and is just faking her ancestry to gain popularity.

K.W. Miller, who's running for office in Florida, launched a series of wild tweets claiming Bey is working with the Illuminati and left-wing politicians to destroy Donald Trump. He also insisted that she's "faking [being African-American] for exposure Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian."

Miller, also claimed that Bey's “Formation” contains information proving that she worshiped in "Satanist churches.

I'd say Bey should sue, but she probably can't stop laughing at this dude.

Two words -- Florida Man.

LIL WAYNE: Teases Carter VI

Lil Wayne is teasing the release of a new release in his Carter series.

During a recent interview Weezy was asked which of the projects from The Carter series is his favorite. He responded by saying “My favorite Carter album is the next one.” The last Carter album was 2018’s Tha Carter V.

That’s not all Weezy’s working on... He also teased a joint album with Nicki Minaj.

Weezy might be the hardest working guy in the rap game today.

PHARRELL: Getting Into Gospel

Pharrell wants to dive headfirst into Gospel music.

The Neptunes hitmaker will work with his uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams’ to find undiscovered choral talent in Virginia. It’s all part of a new Netflix series called Voices of Fire, coming later this year. Pharrell announced the project at the virtual Essence Festival yesterday.

Pharrell will executive produce and appear as himself on camera.

And finally Kanye West has threw his hat in the race as a potential candidate for this year’s election... And theres been no shortage of opinions.

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