Dumb Dummy Of The Week - Politically Charged!

So I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of people stealing political signs from yards... I just want you to know that’s a quick way to catch a charge! But hey, you do you!...

Just try not to follow in the footsteps of 70-year-old guy named Peter De Yager from Hull, Iowa… Back in August, he was charged with two misdemeanor counts of theft and trespassing for stealing political yard signs.

The "Dickinson County News" newspaper had a small blurb about the crime in its police blotter on September 2nd.

And Peter clearly didn't want people to read about what he'd done. Because he went around to different stores in the area STEALING every copy of the paper.

He cleared out vending boxes, stole them off news racks, and did whatever he could to make sure no one would read his blurb in the police blotter.

Anyway, as local businesses started reviewing their security footage, they all saw it was the same guy stealing the papers. And the police figured out it was Peter . . . so he was arrested for theft.

And thanks to his terrible attempt to cover up his first crime, now he's making national news. Well played, sir.