DUMB DUMMY OF THE WEEK - Be Glad He Was Not Your Valentine!

If you really think you can secretly pull off two serious relationships, you can't go cheap and pull amateur moves like THIS.

There's a 48-year-old guy named Joseph Davis. And he met two women about six years ago through OKCupid . . . one in Orlando, Florida and one in Orange City, Florida . . . and he's been in serious relationships with both of them.

He used a fake name in both relationships . . . one woman knew him as Joe Brown and one knew him as Marcus Brown.

Joseph proposed to the Orlando girlfriend . . . but he recently decided he wanted to propose to the Orange City one too. So he STOLE the engagement ring he'd given to his fiancée to give it to his other girlfriend.

The Orlando woman figured out something was going on, and when she started searching on Facebook, she spotted the Orange City woman wearing the ring. The women got in touch with each other . . . and the police.

And on Thursday, they put out an arrest warrant for Joseph.

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