#TrendingTopics - Jeezy Mourns Mom - Beyonce Doing Good In Here Hood!

JEEZY: Mourns Loss of Mom

Jeezy's mourning the loss of his mother was laid to rest last week.

The Snowman posted a eulogy to Instagram, where he remembered his mom as his “super hero.” He wrote, “You taught me to be a man when I was a boy. Made me man up to be a father when I was a kid. Raised me to be a natural born leader when I was lost. You lifted me when I was down. Inspired me when I had no inspiration... When I had nothing or no one, I had you Mamma. You was hard on me. I thank you for that."

He vowed to make his mother proud

It doesn't matter how old you are, it's never easy to lose your mama.

MONEYBAGG YO: Puts Foot in Mouth After Insensitive COVID-19 Comment

Anyway, sometimes you have to retract your dumb statements and that what Moneybagg Yo doing... After making some controversial comments about COVID-19.

It only took a few hours for Moneybagg to get the message that his tweet about how much money he’s made during the pandemic and how he doesn’t “want it to end” rubbed folks the wrong way. He offered an apology on Twitter, writing, “I apologize to everybody I offended. My comment was very insensitive. It was not my intent to hurt anyone.”

Yeah we know... But ya gotta learn to read the room man.

BEYONCE: To the Rescue in Texas

And finally, even though Texas Senator Ted Cruz is only looking out for himself... Beyonce is showing love to her state of Texas by opening her heart -- and her wallet -- to aid people harmed by that huge Texas winter storm.

Bey, has teamed with Adidas and a relief group called Bread of Life to provide grants of up to $1,000 for those in need after the storm. Her BEYGood charity posted some details on Twitter.

Millions of people lost power at the height of the storm, and millions are still under "boil water" advisories. Most of the money is expected to go to people whose homes were damaged by burst pipes or those who lost food and other necessities during the power outage.

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