#TrendingTopics - Bobby Shmurda Is Almost FREE! - Kodak Black Is Engaged!


Kodak Black's off the market, last week he proposed to Mellow Rackz.

A bunch of videos were posted to both of their Instagram accounts detailing the romantic moment, where Kodak hired an plane to fly through the sky with a banner reading, "Might as well marry me Melody. I love u."

Kodak also tagged Rackz's account to posts where he shared specific songs such as Jagged Edge’s "Let’s Get Married" and Lil Corey's "Say Yes," in pursuit of her final answer.

BOBBY SHMURDA: Coming Home Tomorrow

The day's almost here -- tomorrow is the day Bobby Shmurda's rumored to come home after a seven-year stint behind bars.

Bobby's mom, said he plans to come home and enjoy a home-cooked meal with some of his closest friends... Unlike other artists who spent their “First Day Out” hitting the studio.

This release date will be 10 months ahead of Shmurda’s original date.

Quavo says he plans to personally pick Shmurda up from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility.

TRICK DADDY: Plea Deal in Cocaine Bust

Trick Daddy's getting a break in his cocaine possession case.

He was busted for driving under the influence back in January. But now he's agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge... As part of the plea, he was also able to give back to the community with a donation to a homeless shelter.

Next time just hire a driver

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