Dumb Dummy Of The Week - Slow & Calm

One thing for sure... You wont see this on the Fast & Furious!

A 54-year-old guy named James Harrington in Waterloo, Iowa. Went on a burglary spree using a John Deere riding lawnmower as his getaway vehicle!

Yeah and those top out around 10 miles-an-hour.

First, James rode his mower to a garage and stole a bunch of stuff inside. Then he headed to a convenience store and stole a bottle of vodka.

And he would've got away with it... If it hadn't been for those meddling kids!... Just kidding, I've been watching to much Scooby Doo! LOL...

He did managed to get home on the mower without getting caught... but the cops identified him from surveillance footage and arrested him.

He's been charged with burglary, theft, and driving with a suspended license.