#TrendingTopics - DMX Prayer Vigil - Boosie Looks Like Who?

DMX: Family Holding Prayer Vigil at Hospital

The family of DMX held a prayer vigil today outside the New York hospital where he is fighting for his life.

As I mentioned earlier X, has been hospitalized in critical condition since Friday following a drug overdose which lead to a heart attack, and is said the be in a "vegetative state." Family, friends and The Ruff Ryders to the Rescue Foundation gathered today to pray for him

NICKI MINAJ: Billion Dollar Barbie

Just call Nicki Minaj the “Billion Dollar Barbie” from now on.

ChartData reports that her video for “Anaconda” has just surpassed the billion views mark on YouTube. The milestone is made even more impressive when you consider this is the first video from a solo female rapper to achieve the feat.

“Anaconda” has been breaking records since it first dropped in 2014. “Anaconda” smashed Vevo’s 24-hour streaming record with 19.6 million views in the first day. And Billboard called the clip the 13th greatest video of the decade.

All these years later and "Anaconda" is still doing numbers.

Boosie Looks Like Who?

Boosie was kinda tight after someone mistook him for Flavor Flav. He was in the airport when a fan thought he was the Public Enemy hype man. Boosie said on Instagram, “I don’t look like no damn Flavor Flav, I look like Boosie! That’s why I don’t wear these damn red glasses.