#TrendingTopics - Apple Music Going Big For Black Music Month!

BLACK MUSIC MONTH: Apple Music Celebrates

Apple Music is going all out to celebrate Black Music Month.

The music platform has launched a new campaign called “All Music Is Black Music.” And while Black Music Month is technically only recognized in the United States, Apple is hoping to “expand this recognition to the influence of Black music on a global scale.”

The month-long celebration will include hundreds of playlists and mixes from artists and DJs

Black Music Month started in the late 70s.

Virtually every genre of popular music has some sort of roots in Black music.

LIL YACHTY, BHAD BHABIE: Invest in New Dating App

Lil Yachty and Bhad Bhabie have invested in a new dating app.

They're investing in a venture called the Lox Club, which bills itself as a dating app for “Jews with ridiculously high standards.” They were inspired to invest in the concept by their manager, who's also an investor.

Unlike algorithm-based dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, Lox Club gives its users actual human match-makers.

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