DDOTW - Love Jail

The phrase "like a moth to a flame" comes to mind here . . .

A 35-year-old guy near San Francisco named Moises Robles was drinking and doing METH earlier this month. And he thought a man with a gun was chasing him.

No one knows if there was really a guy with a gun. But Moises thought he was running for his life.

So he scaled a fence . . . then another fence . . . climbed up to the second-floor patio of a building . . . and made his way into the lobby where he thought he'd be safe.

But what he somehow didn't realize was . . . he'd just broken into the county JAIL.

A guard saw him sitting in the lobby and thought he was an inmate that got out of his cell. But then they realized Moises was in street clothes and arrested him.

He had a bunch of other people's credit cards on him. So they charged him with trespassing and identity theft. His trial starts in November. 

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