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MEGAN THEE STALLION: Hottie Sauce Packets and Merch Now Available

Megan Thee Stallion is serving up fire and flavor with her new Hottie Sauce.

Meg’s partnership with Popeyes popped off yesterday. You can now find Megan Thee Stallion-branded “Hottie Sauce” at all of the chicken chain’s U.S. locations. 

Hottie Sauce is made of honey, cider vinegar, Aleppo pepper and Louisiana-made, cayenne-pepper-based hot sauce Crystal. The sauce has a sweet bold flavor with a hint of spice… It’s inspired by Megan’s personality. 

There’s also merchandise on the menu. Popeyes is slinging a line of “Thee Heat” apparel including bikinis, shirts, sweaters, hats and tumblers with plans to expand the selection next month. 

I can see this sauce in grocery stores soon

Issa Rae Explains Why An ‘Insecure’ Movie Is Unlikely

Issa Rae was recently on The Tamron Hall Show promoting the final season of “Insecure” and was asked about potentially making an Insecure movie.

Issa said “if you see an Insecure movie, it means I’m down bad. It means I’m not doing well in life.” Basically she has no plans on every doing a movie…

Anyway “Insecure” returns this Sunday on HBO.

KANYE WEST: Caucasian Silicone Mask

And finally, here’s another story that I thought was a meme… Kanye West, who is now known as Ye, was spotted wearing a prosthetic silicone mask while walking around in New York City yesterday.

And he was also seen at the airport Tuesday wearing the Caucasian mask

He put on this mask to give him anonymity, freedom from identification, lack of distinctiveness or state of being unnoticed) which interestingly enough, did not really work.”

Anyway some are comparing Ye’s mask with the one in the Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky. His character suffered facial scaring in an accident.

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