#TrendingTopics - Dolph May Have Knew His Killers - Jim Said He Was Joking

Dolph In Photos With Suspected Killers

Young Dolph might have known his alleged killer, after a warrant was issued for the arrest of 23-year-old Justin Johnson, photos surfaced suggesting he may have been affiliated with the Dolph.

In some pictures, the suspect whose rap moniker is Straight Dropp, is standing behind Dolph. In other photo’s he’s actually wearing a Paper Route Empire chain, which was Dolph’s record label. One pic he was on the set of his video “Stepping On,” which was released days after Dolph passed away.

Young Thug says Nicki Minaj is one of the "top 5 female artists of all time"

Young Thug believes Nicki Minaj is one of the top five best female artists of all time. Thugger took to IG to give Minaj her flowers, and he also said he thinks the majority of people in the world probably feels the same

Jim Jones says he was joking about his mom teaching him how to tongue kiss

Jim Jones is clearing up a previous statement he made about his mother teaching him how to french kiss. Yesterday he took to IG to clear up the commentary he’s received after sharing that his mom taught him everything that he knows about sex. 

Jones said “it was a joke,” “You people take things way too far. It doesn’t bother us anyway, but let’s get it clear — that’s weak what y’all trying to project.” Jones added, “I thought it was funny. Thank you for letting me go viral again.

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