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Cooking With Stichiz-Travel Edition Spons By Publix Feat Tedds Secret Sauce

Another season of Cooking With Stichiz - Presented By Publix, is back. This year watch as we take it on the road and actually travel to our chefs. It's Cooking With Stichiz - Travel Edition. Our last stop is inside our new iHeart Radio Miami/Fort Lauderdale building. Chef Tedds Secret Sauce is showing us how he makes his mom's special Haitian style ribs with his special sauce. From getting out of foster care and being reunited with his family, finding his love of being behind the camera to going on tour with Tink and now being in front of the camera, find out more about Chef Tedds Secret Sauce and what's the secret to his delicious BBQ sauce.

Tedds Secret Sauce

 “Fry Spare Ribs” 

1. Instructions: Clean your spare ribs with fresh lime, salt, vinegar, and hot boiling water. 

•Let sit for about 20 minutes. 

•Drain and give it a light rinse. 

•Dry off your rib and add your seasoning and if you're Haitian like me use Haitian Epis.

•Mix and marinate for about 5 minutes and place in the fridge or cooler for an hour or overnight. 

•Once that’s completed place your rib in a frying pan and let start cooking.

•Check and make sure your rib is semi-tender.

•Let fry for about 5-10 minutes. 

•Take rib, place it on a pan

•Grab your green banana and use a knife to peel off the skin. 

•Use a knife and cut it into small pieces and let it fry on each side for 2-3 minutes 

•Once cooked use a press to make your green banana flat and put it right back into the frying pan to get that crunchy texture. 

•Finally, once that's all done we add the ribs into a bowl and add my secret sauce to give it that savory-sweet cilantro flavor with a kick to the ribs 


Green banana 

1 Onion 

3 green pepper 



Pack of Spare ribs 


Special Credits;

Directors: @reallywalter | @kodakjacq_ 

Special Guest Chef: 



Stichiz MUA: @unibeautify

AE: TJ Tracey @tjtraceyradio

Hosted By: @Stichiz

P.S. we found out that Tedd created his own sauce commercial.

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